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You have no power over me….

You have no power over me…

That was the line that Sarah always forgot in the Labyrinth. Upon saying it the Goblin King and his world shattered, a happy ending.

Except it wasn’t. As the owl that was the Goblin King sat outside the window and looked into Sarah’s bedroom filled with laughter and fun, I felt sad. All he had wanted was someone to be his… Surely that was a good thing to want even if he had gone about it oddly.

As a child I sided with the Goblin King, so when the man who had portrayed him died the a few days ago I felt a little bit of magic leak out of the world.

David Bowie was a huge influence in my life. I don’t admit to liking all his music but for me he showed how acceptance is the greatest gift you can give anyone. As his personas flickered through time and changed I found that I couldn’t wait to hear the next part of his story.

I don’t see this as an ending but I do see it as a loss. I agree with Neil Gaiman – my hero has died.


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