Dyslexic tales

What? A new coping strategy…?

In a few days I am going to be forty and I thought that I knew all I could about my mental disability. I mean, I thought that there was no way it could throw up any more surprises, but I guess I was being a little naive.

So I have been ill, I’m okay now but I did require a small stay in hospital, but the first thing I noticed was that my dyslexia was getting worse. In reality it wasn’t, but because my body was tired and not coping well, my mind wasn’t as sharp. Everything got a little foggy. Basically, my main computer became a nightmare to work with. I couldn’t work out why…

But my new netbook was fine.

So despite my foggy existence I decided to find out why. I didn’t know what was wrong, in fact I thought there was nothing wrong. So I did some experiments and pretty much worked out that I was finding it difficult to type using a black keyboard. My netbook is white with grey letters.

I immediately jumped onto my favourite online retailer and started looking for a white keyboard… They are few and far between. Finally I found one and although it isn’t exactly right it is better.

I am now fixed and the funny thing is that my dyslexia is much better with the white. I suppose without being ill the difference is slight, but it has meant I can work for longer…

I don’t know how it works. I know I have Meares Irlen, but this seems to go against what I was told about that. If anything the keyboard is too much like white on black… I feel I need the letters to be greyer… If that makes sense. But it is better than the black one.

Hopefully I will find what I’m looking for, but if anyone knows where I can get a similar keyboard or a coloured one, I’d be very appreciative. Thanks all.

2 thoughts on “What? A new coping strategy…?

  1. We bought some keyboard stickers for my mum when she was having trouble with white on black because of her eyesight. Those were black on white and came from the RNIB, You might be able to get something similar in a colour combination that suits.

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