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How serious should I take this?

I have been worried about my word count. Life has been getting in the way and I’m about 3000 words behind with Nanowrimo. I find myself sinking into the ever increasing circle of doubt and sadness. I know that there are other things that are acting on me. I have had yet another cold and lately I’ve been finding sleep hard to come by. I’m not certain why… but this bout of insomnia has been a bother to me.

Yet the other day I read on a friends post on Facebook – that he didn’t really take it seriously. Then I started to wonder at it.

Should I be turning myself inside out because I haven’t reached a number on the word counter? Surely I ought to be more pleased that the Gone 2 is easy to read, and according to my editor, is a great read. Should this not be more important?

I think it should. I am still hoping that I will reach the word count but I’m concentrating on the content rather than the speed in which I’m writing it. Wish me luck…

And an update in the Gone 2. Bitsy is about to go to war, she has saved one person and kissed Max. Connor and Duke are safe, and there is romance in the air. Bitsy’s world is about to get full and very noisy…

7 thoughts on “How serious should I take this?

  1. You should only do NaNoWroMo if you find it a positive experience… if you do, carry on, if you don’t then give it a miss. The arbitrary setting of targets is a great thing for some people and a millstone for others.
    Here we have fun – Mr Snail seems to get enthused by the whole idea of NaNoWriMo and both this published novels have resulted from it. It also gives me the opportunity to ask how much he’s written every day without appearing to be nagging. I am beginning to think that it works best if you are part of a community that is excited by the idea, rather than feeling isolated by it and a failure if you don’t meet the target.
    So the questions are: Are you enjoying it? Is it helpful? Would you be writing without it? Is there a better/more enjoyable approach for you?
    Don’t let it get you down – it’s supposed to be positive and when it becomes a chore it isn’t serving its purpose.

    1. I’m finding this. I’m fine as long as I hit the targets but once I slip it gets tense and then my writing doesn’t flow… I have a feeling this is the last year I do it. It is just too stressful.

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