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Word counts and trying to reach them

I’m doing Nanowrimo this year. It’s my third go and this time, so far, I’m on track. I ought to mention that I have never been able to reach the end, never hit that word count.

Last year I was 30,000 words adrift.

So what am I writing this year?

The Gone 2 – Evolution

Yes! Bitsy is back and so far she has rescued a boy, talked to Ricky, run from the baddies and seen two dead bodies, and 2 gone. It’s been busy and I’m only 5000 words in!

I’ll keep you updated. Of course it is early days, but everything is crossed.

11 thoughts on “Word counts and trying to reach them

    1. Thanks. The original is available as a book or you can read it off the gone blog… But I’m glad you liked what you have read. 🙂

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