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Writer’s block

Except it wasn’t really… I mean I finished ‘The Gone’ and then I dithered. In fact I’ve been dithering for over a week. I haven’t been lazy, I’ve edited ‘The Gone’, ‘Truth and Lies’ and ‘Here be Dragons’ (that’s a middle grade book for kids).

But new projects have been stuck. I have a pile of books and novellas waiting to be written. But nothing was happening. I tried but there was no spark. It was like getting blood from a stone.

Then today it happened. I came back from shopping, sat at the computer, opened a word document and started writing…

A thousand words in half an hour!

I hit save and the power went.

No, I’m not joking… In a second I was looking at a blank screen. According to the power company a high voltage thingy blew and knocked out everything.

Don’t worry! I thought. One Drive will have saved the work… Except that broadband was out. Something had happened in Manchester and most of Wales was without the internet.

So, now everything is working again:

1000 words + no broadband + no power = 600 words

Somewhere there are the extra 400 words. Luckily though the writing bug has got me and I’m sure it won’t take long to make it up. Still, I’m growling just a little.

6 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. Now talk about missing words going away – just like that- and I wonder why some writers had superstitious beliefs when it came to writing. Good that the writing bug is with you. 🙂

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