My computer has gone rainbow multicoloured. Even my Facebook profile has a rainbow filter, and it just makes me smile. Now more people can love with no worry of recrimination. Well, at least in 50 states. And that makes me smile.

I went to the hospital yesterday to get a scan and luckily everything is in the right place and working. That makes me smile.

I do not have celiacs disease, which was a possibility as I’m anemic again, which really makes me smile. I can’t do without my bread…

I have two books that I’m waiting for the hard copy to proof-read; ‘The Gone’ and ‘Truth and Lies’. I’m smiling about that.

My sister is getting married in two week, and that makes me smile.

And the vegetables are growing, although I have a pea problem, and that makes me smile.

So, all in all, I’m in a good mood. In fact I’m in a great mood. Smiling all the way. Sure there are bad things, but overall, it is good. The world for me is rainbow coloured.

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