A little bit of art…

I have been drawing, but on the quiet…

Living a double life. On the one side I draw animals and horses and, on the other, I draw people. But not just any people… I draw beauty.

Basically, I am an erotic artist.

There, I said it, judge me all you want! I draw people in beautiful poses. Or at least what I see as beautiful…


Balance #1 

I like to draw extreme poses and gymnastic contortions.

Comfort Aceo


And emotion…

So I have wanted to make both of my art styles co-exist. I’m tired of hiding the erotica (although only loosely erotica). So here is the main gallery, and my etsy shop. Please go have a look and let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “A little bit of art…

  1. These are beautiful and I certainly can’t imagine why anyone would judge you for producing erotic art. It’s not like you’re drawing knobs on bathroom walls 😋 you have a lot of talent! Keep going!

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