New experiences…

I told myself that this year was all about new experiences, and so far I’ve stuck to my guns and tried new stuff. So, when a week ago, a friend asked if I wanted to go clay pigeon shooting I said yes.

This morning I donned a pair of jeans and a floaty top (I didn’t put much thought into the top, which in hindsight was a mistake). One pair of boots and I jumped in the car to go around the corner for some shooting. And it really is around the corner… Ten minutes later I pulled into a farm track and carried on driving up a hill. Parking halfway, I walked the rest.

My initial impression was simple, a complete state of confusion. I could see the clay thingies, they are bright orange and the machine is massive. But as to the two cages in the field, I really didn’t have the foggiest idea.

We were taken through the safety procedure and I found out that I have a right master eye. It was this point I should have said I had a squint. I should have butted in and just blurted out that when looking at really far, tiny objects my vision can go blurry. But I got hit by a fit of shyness so I kept quiet.

It was my chance to have a go (you stand in the cage to shoot, making sure you only hit the clay and not any people or cows). So I took the stance I was told and took the shot.

“Ow…” I say.

I missed the clay… Which hadn’t surprised me because I was a little concerned about which clay I was shooting at, there being two…

There wasn’t really two, my eyes were doing their thing again and I had no idea what to do.

I had another go… Another ouch and no shattered clay.

Why the ouch? Well, that has got everything to do with the recoil. Man those guns can have a kick.

We stopped for a break and the two instructors where looking at me a little peculiarly…

“Your stance is good, and you are following the clay…” one said.

So I explained the squint.

“Close your left eye.”

“But that’s my good eye,” I exclaimed.

“Just do it…”

So I did… And guess what… I hit a clay. In fact, I hit more than one.

I really enjoyed it, so much so I think I might take it up. Although I am going to need a gun with a shock absorbing stock, and maybe an automatic… Not sure yet.

So, there is another new experience and another one that I have loved. Just brilliant. 🙂

Oh, and the top problem? Well, it’s a lovely floaty number with a dimpled texture, which with every recoil of the gun rubbed my shoulder. So not only do I have a bruise but I also have a graze… Yay… Why didn’t I put on the cotton t-shirt? Oh, that’s right… I was trying to look smart.

I should have just gone in jeans and my minion t-shirt. Who care if you look smart shooting clay discs in a field. (I’m rolling my eyes at the moment. Sometimes I can be daft).

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