Masters tales

The pattern of a story

So, at the moment I’m writing The Gone almost everyday and I’ve noticed that it is an intense book. The characters are living in an apocalyptic world filled with zombie-type-vampires. They stumble from one disaster to another.

Yet at the same time I’m making sure that there is humour and quieter moments. The simple fact that my main character likes to jog has allowed me to show more of her character. You see as she moves and experiences the simple art of running, she can reminisce. She can remember the world before and her life. It makes the story a more in depth piece. She can also work out what is happening around her.

I should say that the story is in first person. I have written a few using this point of view and it can be challenging. You can only experience what the character experiences. You can only see, hear, touch and smell what she does. You can’t be shown a plotline that is occurring at the same time. Only when the other characters bump into the heroine can you learn that they were there all the time. It is then that the reader realises that the half-remembered voice in chapter one was significant.

First person is tricky. I find myself wanting to explain more but I can’t. You see the reader is Bitsy, so if she doesn’t know then they can’t know.

It takes some planning. I need to know where she is in the story at all times and where the other characters are, even if you can’t see them. If there is a subplot I have to write it as well, even if that writing will never be seen.

Yet, despite the issues, I love using first person. I can control the pattern of the story and allow the reader to discover the plot and sub-plots as surprises or not. Bitsy’s reaction is the readers reaction. It allows me full of control.

Saying that though I can’t know how a reader will react to Bitsy herself. Will they love her or hate her? I suppose that is up to them. Until then I will continue to plan the pattern of the story and reveal small sections of the plot a bit at a time.

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