The Rescue

The next part of The Gone. Bitsy and Colin have to rescue Max. #amwriting

The Gone

Back at the warehouse we move to the back. At some point in the past a landscaper had tried to make the area into a greener environment. The result is a series of trees with few leaves and branches that look like skeletal hands. Colin points at them and I realise that he is hoping to use the little cover they will give us in order to reach the door. It isn’t the same one the two men used. The plan is a decent one, but only if we use all the gifts that Max has given us.

Taking a deep breath I look around, especially at the roof. It’s late morning now and the sun is shining directly onto that area. There are no tell-tale flashes and I’m about to tell Colin when he dashes past me. I can track him, but a human wouldn’t. Sighing, I follow.


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