My Ghost

Bitsy remembers Ricky, but he can’t be the man she knew…
The next part of The Gone.

The Gone

Once we are behind a building, well out of eye-line and hearing distance, Colin pushes me against the wall. His face is angry.

“Who is Ricky?” he growls.

“I…” I shake my head. I’m trying to think. Who is Ricky?

“Did you recognise someone at the airport?” He asks, giving me a shake that makes my neck ache.

“A voice,” I gasp. “I thought a voice sounded familiar, but I’m not certain.”

Colin releases me and steps back. He frowns. “You must know him.”

I nod.

“He let us escape…”

“I know,” I say. The run from the airport had been too easy.

“So, who is he?” Colin asks.

“I only dated one Ricky, but it can’t be him.”


I sigh. “Because he’s dead.”

“What?” he asks.

“Ricky is dead. We were engaged, but there was an accident and he didn’t survive,” I say, feeling the familiar lump in…

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