Dick is, well, a dick.

The next part of The Gone. Bitsy finds herself in a bit of trouble…

The Gone

Slowly I become aware of people talking behind me. The girl is limp and although I can hear that she isn’t dead she will not be able to move. I wonder if I can kill her by draining her. Except that as her blood has become thicker and more sluggish there is a bitter aftertaste. I release her neck and look at the knife. I hold out my hand and look at the weapon. He doesn’t argue, just walks over and places the butcher’s knife in my hand. With a quick movement I cut her throat. I hand back the knife. Then I lay the girl down, listening until her heart stops beating.

Turning I find that all four men are watching me.  I smile and feel a little self-conscious. Max is watching me with a lazy satisfied smile. Colin looks jealous and the other two look sick.

“Sorry,” I…

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