The next bit of The Gone. Will Bitsy come to terms with her change?

The Gone

I think I hear something. It could be my imagination. I’m running so very fast, just feeling the movement of my muscles and the wind flying past me, that I wonder if it is anything. I consider telling the guys, but a glance to the right sees that Max and Colin are running next to me and have a blank serene look on their faces. At some point they have changed position. Max is still next to me, but more than an arm length away.

I hear it again. Shrill and frantic. A scream.

I don’t slow. Instead I simply stop. Max and Colin carry on going, but I ignore them. I want to know what I heard. I find it odd that the others haven’t stopped. I am not worried about the scream, if anything I’m curious. I want to know who made it. It sounds like a woman…

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