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A Window has been Unlocked…

They do say that if a door closes then a window opens. Well, in my case the window is still closed, I have my face pressed against it, but someone has just unlocked it and yelled through the glass.

“If you can open it, then you are welcome.”

So what’s happened?

Well, I was invited in for a chat about my PhD. Now, I know that the funding has been refused, but I thought, why not? So I wandered along, without doing any reading or prep. I thought – it’s just a chat.

No… Really not ‘just a chat’.

I was shown into a room with two lecturers, and then grilled about my proposal. They did it in the nicest way. In fact, I liked them, but they asked some really in-depth questions. I nodded and tried to dredge my knowledge to the surface. If anything, when I left I thought I’d muffed it.

That was until two days later when a letter landed on the front mat. It had the university logo on the front but was a thin envelope…

Yep, I thought, definitely muffed it. Except when I opened it there in the front was – we are accepting you.


I re-read it. And then again. I’m in!

But I still don’t have the cash. So, the window has been unlocked, now I just have to pry it open.

But how…? Well, I have decided that The Gone will become a book. It will still be going up free on the blog, but if you want the book it will be for sale.

I’m going to be getting the picture books ready to go, and I’m working on some artwork.

Basically I’m going to raise the money. Because I’m certain that I can get that window open. In fact, I will.

6 thoughts on “A Window has been Unlocked…

    1. I need about £2000 a year. Just for tuition… I’m looking in to other funding, but I might defer it so I have longer to raise the cash. And more than one year. 🙂

      1. That kind of figure would seem pretty realistic for a kickstarter. But, yes, if you’ve been offered a place and can defer with a reasonable prospect of getting at least the first year’s money together that would be a good option. Have you looked into whether there might be some money to be made from part time teaching? That’s always a great option for post-grad’s and kept me going for 2 year’s after my 3 years’ British Academy funding ran out for my PhD. Mind you, things have changed a lot since then, I know.

      2. I’ve got to ask as soon as the ‘official’ letter comes through. I’m just waiting at the moment to see if anything comes from the other funding I’ve found. Trouble is that the competition is fierce for very little money. I’ll work something out though. 🙂

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