The next part of The Gone. Has Max had a cigarette?

The Gone

Max looked shocked. Dee leant forward and looked into his eyes repeating the question.

“Have you smoked one yet?”

Max shook his head. “There was no smoking in the airport. And then everything went wrong.”

“So,” Dee says. “You hold a something that allows you to become patient zero for the virus. You spread it, but only you survive.”

“No,” Max says, his face shocked. “Only people who have something wrong with them get the virus.”

Dee gives a sad smile and points at the door. “You met Robert?”

I look at the door and although the pounding has stopped I know who she is talking about. I nod.

“Well, he had nothing wrong with him…”

Max interrupts. “Then he ought to have been fine.”

“…except hay fever. Hay fever!” Dee practically screams the last word at him.

I look at Max. “It doesn’t just work if you have a…

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