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Stress and printing

My big printer that was able to print A1 has given up the ghost and become the largest, heaviest paperweight I own. I am going to get someone to look at it but I have had to get another one… Except it isn’t the same.

You see my artwork has moved on since I started. I now work up to A3 but rarely over it so I thought why not go for an A3 printer? I had a look and the newest brightest ones are well out of my price range. BUT the best from a couple of years ago is in my price range. So I found the best available and bought it. It even comes with a years warranty. 

I spoke the the guy at the shop and he said that the machine I’ve bought is about the best workhorse that I can get. AND the inks are guaranteed for a 100 years plus… So I will be able to do my own fine art prints. The ink isn’t cheap but it is the same as the big printer that is currently being stored under my desk. 

But I can’t describe the stress that has gone on with this. I spent a couple of hours on Sunday trying to restart the big printer. I changed the fuse, the cable, that fuse… I looked into the machine and undid a screw to realise that the power was there but the computer in the printer was unresponsive. In the end I just sat and cried… Sunday was not a good day. Eventually I resorted to trying to find a replacement. You see I have no time. There is an exhibition that opens today, of which I only have half the prints for, and then there is another that opens soon and runs for a while. I am facing a deadline with the writing and another with the drawing, and I don’t have time to try and fix a broken piece of equipment. 

I know it may be the wrong way to do it but the new printer should arrive today or tomorrow which means that by the weekend I can restock the exhibition and everything should be fine. Hopefully. Otherwise I can see myself sitting in a corner and breaking down again. 

Everything is crossed that it all runs smoothly. 

Image from here.

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