Confessions. The start of Chapter 6 of The Gone. What is it that Max knows?

The Gone

Max shifts under Dee’s gaze. I can see he is really uncomfortable but I think of the child outside and the blood at the airport, and Colin.

“Is it really your fault?” I ask and I hope he is going to answer no. I like Max. Please say you were made to do it, I think.

But Max gives a small nod. And then looks up sharply at my gasp. “But it wasn’t meant to go like this.”

“What then?” Dee says, slamming her hand down on the table and making Max jump.

“It was for a better future,” Max starts, but Dee interrupts him.

“This is not better…”

“No,” he says, hanging his head and looking at the table. “It went wrong.”

I shoot Dee a hard stare. We need to hear him, but if she keeps interrupting he will never finish. She crosses her arms and leans back…

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