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Business Course

Okay, so I have been on the Go Wales Freelancer Academy and I now know the difference between a sole trader and a limited company. I also know the theory behind pricing and how to look for competitors. I can track customers using statistics and I can create a SWOT analysis.

But is my business viable? Am I charging enough? Or too much?

I feel a little like I’m Goldilocks and I can’t decide which chair I ought to sit in… 

I loved the people on the course, they are all great characters but a lot of the business passed me by. I understood the surface of the idea but not the stuff underneath. I feel as if I have a general knowledge but I don’t know it ‘well’.

But then I argue with myself that I don’t need to know it really well. I mean I’m an artist and author, not an entrepreneur with the next best invention. Maybe I just need to know the basics and the knowledge will come to me but I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I feel I need to read more, learn more and understand more. The problem is that I am not in the business of knowing business. I am a creative. I ought to be drawing or writing instead of worrying about the complexities of business.

I can’t help it.

I feel like I have lost all confidence in my business because I’m worried I’m not going to make it. The problem is that if I sit here and worry then I really won’t make it. Because there will be nothing to sell or send out to publishers.

So I’ve got to get motivated and stop worry about the competition and the lack of marketing. I just have to do it.

So that is exactly what I’m going to do… I’m going back to the drawing board! 🙂

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