What is going to happen to Colin? The next installment of Chapter 5.

The Gone

“What do you mean?” I ask.

But Dee ignores me instead she walks away, through the empty food counters and into the back.

“Bring him through,” she calls.

I look at Max. He shrugs and goes over to Colin who is out cold.

“I’ll take his body, if you grab his legs.”

Without waiting for an answer he picks Colin up in a sort of bear hug. I pick up his feet and we slowly move him into the back. I’m full of worries about the door and the thing outside that is pounding on it.

“Do you think it’ll hold?” I ask.

Max looks at the door. “It should.”

We carry on the slow stumble into the back. I can’t see Dee.

“Over here.”

Max steers us toward Dee’s voice. She is standing in front of an open door. The door seems to be the heavy duty kind and…

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