This is my reality

More of Chapter 3…

The Gone

“So I guess we walk?” Max says, but he makes no move to open the door.

No one says anything; we just look out of the windows. We are in a suburban street, the houses are terraces but not workers cottages, instead they are large and plush. It’s obvious that there is money here. What is odd is that there are very few cars. Normally we would be hard pushed to find a parking space but there are dozens.

“Where are all the cars?” I ask.

“Don’t know,” Colin says.”But it is very strange.”

I can’t help a bubble of laughter that escapes me. It is slightly hysterical. “Strange?” This whole day has been a nightmare and I don’t think I can wake up. This is my reality.

Colin is watching me. “You okay?”

I nod. I don’t want to say anything. If I do then I may cry. And…

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