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I am not me

What do I mean? Well, the picture in my head is not the one I see in the mirror. My hair is longer for one, and I am thinner. Not vastly thinner but enough to make a difference. Then there is my voice. I have been thinking of reading some of my stories and popping it on the blog. That way people can download them and listen when they want.

I know what it is like to have a sight problem, both with my odd eyes that want to look at my ears… at the same time, and the dyslexia. So I thought that giving people the option to listen or read would be a good thing. Then I recorded my voice.

I do not sound like me…

I sound posh.

I sound higher than I thought I would.

I sound different.

I do not sound like me…

But surely others have had this problem. I listen to some of Neil Gaiman’s books and he always reads them himself. The first time he must have listened and thought – it that me? But he narrates all his books, so he must have got used to it.

I will too. I just need to bite the bullet and do it. Maybe it is something for the future. Maybe I am just making excuses.

I will do it. Just give me time to get used to me. 🙂

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – can’t stand me.

6 thoughts on “I am not me

  1. Don’t feel like I sound like myself either.

    Speaking and reading out loud are difficult for me. For one, what I call (unconfirmed) verbal dyslexia – I know there’s a technical term constantly has me fumbling for the word I want (even simple words elude me). The other, when reading out loud, is that I end up putting in different words than what’s on page – the meaning is same though.

    1. I get that too – it’s part of the dyslexia. I have found that practice can make it less stressful. I still stumble but I find it doesn’t matter. Still it makes reading out… interesting.

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