Ring Twice

The last of Chapter 3

The Gone

The door is emerald green but it was painted a long time ago. The green is peeling and in some areas has chipped off completely. The centre of the door is of frosted glass, which I’m surprised at. Most people have a solid front door. I can see a curtain and it is tied in the middle, I haven’t seen anything like it since my grandmother passed. I pause and smile. Then, lifting my hand I ring the doorbell.

A tinkling echoes through the house and I think I see someone beyond the curtain, it is just a shadow that moves, but I know that there is someone there.

I ring again and cup a hand to the window. There is definitely a shadow.

“Go away,” a voice calls quietly from inside.

“I only want to ask some questions,” I say.

“Go away,” the voice repeats. It is high and…

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