Masters tales

I have an idea…

Basically I want to write a serialized story, told from one person’s point of view. Kind of like ’24’ but in a blog format. Once it’s finished I’ll publish it. The blog would be updated once a week or more and would tell a fictional story in real time. A disaster story.

I don’t have a title or illustrations yet but it is an idea – a kernel.  I am hoping that it will flourish into something but I’m not certain. If I started another blog I would re-blog onto here… But I want it to have it’s own platform.

What do you think?

Dickens did it with his books but I wonder if my ‘modern-version’ would work. But it would be fun for me and help my writing develop. Now the masters is finished I feel I need something to further my writing, and this would. I’d put into practice everything I’d learned but in an interesting way.

This current blog would run as normal.

Only problem is if I am taking on too much. Not sure.

So I need to know if anyone would be interested to read it? The posts would be around 200 – 600 words long and written as a diary…


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