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A change…

I have two computers. A laptop and a desktop. The laptop comes with me everywhere and the desktop sits in the study. The old study.

Before we built the workshop I worked out of the box room in the house. It was a little cramped. And a little cold, but it was all I had. Now, the workshop has been up for the a year and the box room? Well, it is gathering dust. There are plans to make it into the smallest library ever… but what to do with the computer?

Then there is the other problem – my eyes are not good and I find myself squinting at the small laptop screen. The solution is the large widescreen monitor that the computer had, but I can’t bring myself to go back into that stuffy room and try to work. I like my airy workshop. In the winter I can heat it and in the summer it is wonderfully cool. The solution has to be to move the computer into the workshop…

But it feels odd. I mean, if I do that then I am saying that I’m actually a writer and this workshop becomes my place of work. I know it is anyway but, at the moment, it is almost as if I could turn back. Once the computer is in here, and the laptop becomes just a travelling companion, it’s as if I’ve confirmed it.

I think it is more of a mental bridge than an actual one. But it’s going to have to be done. I can’t go on squinting at a small screen and then eating painkillers to get rid of the headache. The desktop was bought with my eye problem in mind and it needs to be used to fix the problem. It just feels like a huge leap.

The daily prompt has asked what I’m going to do on this solstice… The answer is, to finally and completely commit myself to being a writer. I seems appropriate that it is the solstice.


I can do this…


Well, it’s about 5pm here in Wales and the sun is shining, in fact it is beautiful out. Oh… And I have finally moved my computer into the workshop! It’s official! I’m a writer and I feel very calm about it. In fact I am liking it, especially the fact I am not squinting at all. 🙂


11 thoughts on “A change…

      1. No… My fault! It’s one of my drawings and if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan then you wouldn’t recognise him. I am working on a self-portrait at the moment and once that is done I may replace it. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂

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