Short Stories

Orderly Chaos

  • Remember to feed the dogs –  must get more food.
  • Water the plants and feed the dogs – this will take an hour… Don’t run late.
  • Running late – grab a cup of tea, not a coffee.
    Coffee = migraine.
  • Check the dog bowls to make sure you fed the dogs.
  • Go to the workshop – turn on the lights and then remember the computer.
    No computer = no writing
  • Go back to the house and grab the laptop – remember the power lead.
  • Make another cup of tea and go back to the workshop.
  • Check your phone – remember the phone is in the house.
  • Fetch the phone – trip over the dog who is sunning herself in the back garden.
  • Close the door to the workshop – in the corner of your eye notice a flash of orange.
  • Get the cat out of the workshop before you end up with muddy footprints on the…. – oh…
  • Wipe down the desk to remove the footprints and shake the mud off the manuscript.
  • Catch the cat and pop him outside – get distracted by the Flintstones reference.
  • Set up the laptop and turn on the music.
  • Sit down and open the word document.
  • Get lost in a world of your own manufacture – try not to get distracted by grammar and typos.
  • Drink some tea and pull a face when you find it cold.
  • Drink it anyway.
  • Get frightened to death when a parcel arrives and the dogs start barking.
  • Fetch the parcel – yell at the dogs confidently and when they ignore you act surprised so that the delivery man thinks they are trained.
  • Take the parcel to workshop.
  • Leave the parcel on the side and start writing – keep looking at the parcel.
  • Open it – tell everyone what it is on Facebook.
  • Start to write – find that you are thirsty.
  • Go to the house and make a tea.
  • Back at the workshop start writing.
  • Get lost in the actions of your characters.
  • Drink some tea and pull a face when you find it cold.
  • Drink it anyway.
  • Write.
  • Get hungry and go have lunch.

The organised chaos that is my morning. This post was written in response to the dpchallenge – List Lesson.


8 thoughts on “Orderly Chaos

    1. That is just a normal morning. If only I could get organised it wouldn’t be quite to hectic… But it never works out planned. 🙂

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