Short Stories

A Caged Bird

“Do I have to do it?” Nat asked again.

“Yes.” Came the stoic reply. Her sound, cameraman and driver didn’t even look up.


“You have to.”

Nat slumped into the seat of the van. Of all the people she’d been asked to interview it had to be this author.

“Have you read any of her stuff?” Nat asked, staring sulkily at the rain soaked countryside.

“Yes,” Andy said. “I loved it.”

Nat pulled a face into the window.

“I saw that.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I saw that too.”

“But it is so boring…” She whined.

“Odd, I thought it would be right up your street,” he said, not glancing at her.

Nat sniffed in disdain. “Management statistics is not something I ever want to read again. I ended up drinking a gallon of coffee just to stay awake.”

“What?” Andy said, his voice rising. “What statistics?”

“The ones she wrote about,” Nat said glumly.

“Oh no.” Andy stood on the breaks and moved into a nearby lay-by. “Who did you look for?”

“The woman we are going to see.”

“And you found her?”

“Through Google.” Nat had turned to look at him and she was surprised that he was pale and looked scared. “Why?” she asked uncertainly.

“Because the author we are going to interview is a novelist. She writes…” Andy paused and reached behind his seat. He rummaged around and then handed her a book.

The cover was an old gold colour with a couple on the front. He was the epitome of maleness and the woman had an impossibly tiny waist.

“What’s this?” Nat asked.

“One of her books.”

“Whose books?”

Andy sighed. “The woman we are about to interview.”

Nat felt the colour in her face drain away. “What do I do?”

Andy sniffed and pulled out onto the road. “Read fast, you have two hours before we get there.”

Before he had finished the sentence Nat already had her nose in the book.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – trick questions.


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