When Will I Be Famous?

It was the tune I listened to walking the dog.

I good beat and a steady tune.

When Will I? When Will I Be Famous?

But in truth, for me it was just a beat.

I have no intention of becoming famous

I want to be unknown.

I want to walk around without recognition.

Maybe that is my reclusive self,

You can be as lonely as the last fish in the sea

when you are in a crowd.

They act like the sea, those people

passing either side, like you are the rock that

refuses to move.

In my corner of the world, people stop and say hi.

And I like it. But the anonymity of the bigger town

is a blessed thing that lets you shop fast.

When Will I Be Famous?

Thumping in time to the slaps of me feet.

No one else hears, but I am happy

for that. I don’t want anyone else to hear.

They might think I want to be famous.

I don’t. I just love the beat of it in my life,

driving me forward at a break neck pace.


This poem is inspired by the daily prompt – when will I be loved? I like the beginning and the end of this poem but I’m uncertain about the middle. And I also it works to the beat of the song. Not sure I’ve got it though.

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