Dyslexic tales

Update on Meares Irlen…

A warning really. You see at the moment I am working on some illustrations for Panic Moon, a Doctor Who fan magazine, and I have been sending them across to the editor. Only the last one I did I forgot that I had my filter on the screen

This meant that what I sent out was literally black and white, and not the grey-scale of a pencil drawing. Oops. Luckily, he is a very nice bloke and just laughed it off when I sent out the ‘corrected’ image. You see when you scan in the pencil images I have to adjust the contrast in order to see the image properly. I’m not sure if it my scanner but it seems to want to flatten out the contrast. A small tweak and it is fixed. So from:



To this:

John Pertwee as the third Doctor Who

They are the same drawing but the contrast is tweaked to look like the original. Unfortunately the filter flattens out the contrast even more. So when I adjust it the picture becomes very black and white with no detail at all.

All fixed now though. But if any artists out there have Meares Irlen, remember that any filter will alter the drawing… I wonder what my drawings will be like if I get tinted glasses. Better or worse?

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