Dyslexic tales


I fight everyday against what I ought to do.

I ought to live alone

I ought to move out from my parents place

I ought to look after my dyslexia and not push it

I ought to do a job that doesn’t hurt my eyes

I ought to stay away from the computer screen

because of Meares Irlen

I ought to lay down and accept my limitations.

Of course I don’t.

I don’t live alone

I am not going to move away from my parents

I refuse to acknowledge my dyslexia

I ignore my eye problems and sniff

disdainfully at Meares Irlen

And I never lay down to accept anything.

Instead I do

I will always live with my family

unless I make my own

I write everyday and refuse to let the dyslexia stop me

I do as much as I can, and more everyday

teaching my eyes to cope with colour filters

And I dance whenever I can, pushing every boundary

others have placed on me.


This poem was inspired by the daily prompt – fight the power.

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