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Colour and Meares-Irlen

I went for testing yesterday and it was suggested that I use a colour filter as I may have Meares-Irlen SyndromeNot heard of it? Well, if you suffer from dyslexia, ME, epilepsy or get migraines then this might help.

It is really easy. You just use a colour filter. I’m not sure how it helps but it stops your eyes becoming tired and, for me, migraines. I can write for longer and not feel wiped after!

So, I had a look how to change the colour of the computer and it seemed very complicated and only changed some programs. Then I found this… It runs in the background and filters everything. You can turn it off and on. So, when I watch a movie I can switch it off, but writing a blog post – it’s on. Easy! It also doesn’t seem to harm the computer (if anyone has a problem please let me know).


I use purple but you can change it to any colour.

I am not a doctor nor an IT technological specialist so I can’t guarantee the program will work well with your computer or help. But it does for me, and if you are a migraine sufferer or have Meares Irlen then anything that might help is worth a try. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Colour and Meares-Irlen

  1. I print nearly everything off on Jade green paper, but my screen it blue grey, as are my reading glasses. I will have a look to see how this programme runs on my Mac.

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