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Brains… Do I have any?

Today I have spent time being tested for all sorts of things.

Why? Well, I decided that I wanted to know.

You see, being a dyslexic, I was tested back in 1997…

And due to coping strategies I may have changed.

I may have got better!

It is possible that I am worse.

But I was willing to have a go.

Of course as I sat down I hadn’t realised how much it had changed.

I should’ve had an idea when I was told it would ‘take all day’.

I thought they were over exaggerating.

They weren’t.

It took all day. The two hour test had grown.

Two hours – that is how long it took in 1997.

Easy… It isn’t now.

And nor does it just test for dyslexia.

There are over-laps.

So I am now waiting for the report as to what I’ve got.

But it was just a practice test

so if I have anything I’ve got to see another specialist.

Another day of tests.


4 thoughts on “Brains… Do I have any?

    1. It’s interesting. The test was harder but all the basic elements were there. Essentially it was almost exactly the same but in more depth. I feel like I have been ‘tested’ and now of course there are the over-laps which were not even considered when I was tested. I am interested to see if I am just dyslexic or a mix… So in that way I think it is an improvement. The only real issue was how tired I got by the end.

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