Short Stories


Spring came and is not roaring through our smallholding but whimpering through like a kicked season. For me it is passing with a blur. All I seem to do is write and dig, dig and write. Not that I mind. At this time of year I am waiting for things to germinate, and for stories that have been submitted. But it is also a time of promise.

Every seed I put in the ground has the potential to germinate and for me to eat it. That burst of sweetness as you take a bite out of a greenhouse-warm tomato or the crunch to a fresh cucumber cannot be compared. Everything I am putting into pots has the potential to bloom.

It’s the same with the stories. I am working on an anthology at the moment and every word I write has the possibility of making the story something special or resigning it to the reject pile. Of course it is my own reject pile and will probably be worked on until it makes the anthology, no story is a weed that must be pulled and thrown into the compost pile.

As the seasons change and summer arrives bringing with it, hopefully, sun and warmth, the garden will bloom. I don’t want a season too hot or too wet but stable with no massive weather patterns. That is all I ask of the stories as well, I have no need to fame but a steady growth-rate in income would be fantastic.

In late summer the harvest will begin and last a month. It should stock the cupboards and fill the jam jars. My stories? Well, I hope that I never stop. I hope that it is always spring and that ideas are always flowing and I am able to live as a creative writer. But having a harvest every now and then would be fantastic. I already have had one with the fruit book of The Phantom Horse out there in the world being exposed to readers. But instead of jam jars I hope it populates shelves and bed side tables, or even the bathroom. Don’t laugh but I have a small shelf of reading material in mine, mostly short story anthologies as they are quick to read. Cough!

Well, I just hope it gets read, as I hope all the produce from the garden gets eaten. What I am really looking forward to this summer though is the peas and the new anthology. Peas because I think they are the best vegetable ever, and the next anthology because it is the first time I have worked to a theme. The Phantom Horse is an anthology of mixed stories but this next are worked around love and all it’s variations, bad and good.

I do hope for sun, as writing in the garden has to be the best office in the world. Especially as we have a thriving population of Peacock butterflies.



This post was inspired by the daily prompt – in the summertime.

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