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Back on the treadmill

Well, today has been one I was hoping not to do. Back in January the agent I’d sent my children’s book to said they wanted to see the rest of my story. I sent it to them and assured them that they were the only agent I was contacting and then…. nothing. I sent an email. Nothing… So I finally admitted that it needed to be submitted again.

So over the last couple of days, as well as writing a radio play and a bunch of short stories, I have been working out who to submit to. Finally I have made my choice and the book has left the building.

I don’t know about anyone else but when it happens I find I am wracked with worry. Did I include everything? Did I follow the guidelines? You see, I know that the agencies measure submissions in height or bulk, there are just that many. And the result is that if the document is even slightly out – it doesn’t get read. So I worry.

But it is done now. Gone and all I can do is cross my fingers for the next three months and hope they come back to me.

On a better note! The publisher – ‘The Raging Aardvark’ is going to publish the next anthology of short stories. I have a title…


And I will let you know when I have a launch date… All very exciting. 🙂


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