Short Stories

Two characters and my sense of humour

This is part of a screenplay I have been working on for a children’s film. These two characters, Mrs Rosen and Mrs Martin, came from my sarcastic sense of humour. And I just love them. If I am in a bad mood than a scene with Mrs Rosen and Mrs Martin bring a smile to my face.

The street had fallen silent but now the murmurs starts up. Mrs Rosen and Mrs Martin stand watching.


Making more jam I see.


Yes, Mrs. Martin. After all, everyone wants jam especially for birthday presents.

Mrs Martin looks down her nose at Mrs. Rosen. Sniffing disdainfully.


I have decided to make socks this year. Have you tried… Oh, I forgot. You can’t knit can you?


(titters with her hand to her face)

I think I will stick to my jam. It did win the fair this year.


(sneers and then looks toward the removal van)

The Men are unloading a bright green sofa and as they do so they bash the side of the van with a resounding clunk.


That will leave a mark. Not that you would notice with that color. I mean, Mrs. Rosen, have you ever seen the like?


No, I never.

Both fall silent as a black car flows silently past them. It pulls up behind the van and the driver’s door opens. A man steps out. The women give an audible sigh. He is blond and looks very handsome. The man opens the passenger door and out steps a heavily pregnant woman. She is beautiful with long brown hair that has been plaited into one braid down her back. Neither of the two turn or acknowledge anyone in the street.


(leans over to Mrs Martin and whispers)

Looks like she’s going to drop.

The woman smiles and looks towards them, as if she heard. Her eyes are pale blue and both Mrs Rosen and Mrs Martin take a step back. There is an ominous air.

The back door is flung open and a small five year old boy tumbles out. The boy ignores the other children and helps his mother. The removal men stop as the family pass and seem to bow.


(looks at Mrs Martin)

They seem a close knit family.

The boy and father immediately turn and look at the women. Mrs Rosen and Mrs Martin turn and scuttle back to their houses (next to each other). Soon the street starts to clear as people begin to hurry inside. The boy and father look at each in turn, seeming to force them back into their houses.

Finally the street is clear.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – make me smile.

17 thoughts on “Two characters and my sense of humour

    1. I am working on the manuscript that goes with this… It is part of a children’s book that started as an idea for a film. Hence the screenwriting start.

      The story should be finished in a month or so. And yes the movers really did bow…. 😀

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