Short Stories

Close as a close thing

Okay, that is a bad title and I hold my hands up. This is a short story from the daily prompt – Close Call.

A Close Call

He was the one. Mel had met his mother and even got on with her. He had to be the one. they were so right together. Everything worked. They were like two pieces of a puzzle, when they were together you couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended. He had to be the one.

Mel had met him through a dating site and yes she’d been aware of the danger so when he’d written back she had been wary. The advert  said he was kind and had a GSOH but she’d no idea what that really meant or if he’d been lying. So they met in a pub.

Surrounded my couples and booze they had shaken hands and then hugged, laughing at their awkwardness. She said, “I work in a library.”

And he had countered with, “Studying to be an engineer.” Inside she smiled. He was meeting all her criteria for the perfect man.

“Are you religious?” he asked.

“No, but I have no problem with it,” she said with a smile.

His frown made her worry and hastily she added. “I am a lapsed catholic.”

His smile warmed her toes. “That’s good.”

On the next date they went to the cinema and after he kissed her. It was a chaste kiss, closed mouthed and sweet.

“You are beautiful,” he said and left her wanting more on the steps of her house.

On the next date he took her to another bar. “This one is great, done out just like an American diner.”

“Okay,” she said. But when he turned up in fake leathers and quiff she felt apprehension. But she was game, so scraping her hair up into a high ponytail she bounced out with him.

Halfway through the night he wandered over and she could see that he had drunk too much. He leant forward and kissed her. Gone was the sweet kiss of before, now it was sloppy and over-enthusiastic. Pulling back he breathed alcohol fumes over her and she recoiled at the stale sweetness of his breath.

Pushing him away did nothing. He moved close and into her ear said, “I love you and you would be perfect if you would lose some weight.”

Mel stepped back and looked at the man in front of her. She had ignored the fact his teeth were crooked, that his hair smelt of oil and that he was far to skinny with white blonde hair that stuck up at odd angles. She had overlooked them because no one is perfect. And yet he judged her.

“I understand,” Mel told him.

“What?” he slurred.

“Why you were advertising.”

He held out a hand.

Mel shook her head and turned. Outside she hailed a cab and settled into the backseat. She gave a huge sigh of relief.

“Close call, love?” the driver asked.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Mel replied.

11 thoughts on “Close as a close thing

    1. Thank you. I do get stuck on titles sometimes. Other times the title just comes to me. This one took a while and I wasn’t sure about it. 🙂

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