Truly Scrumptious

I don’t have food that I love. I mean I’ve tried masses, from fresh pasta to sushi, but there is nothing that I can’t live without… Maybe chocolate is my worst must-have, although that one I ought to live without. 🙂

But my puppy does have food that she has to have. Not for medical reasons but because she loves it. I was skeptical at first but I reached into my pocket and paid too much money for something that I used to clean up. I was once a conservation warden and there were masses, all lying around, discarded.

“What is it?” you cry.

Well, here is a clue –

Follow the link to see more. Taken by David Barnes.


No – it isn’t venison or jerky but the antlers. My pup has part of an antler – about 20cm long and she can’t do without it.

According to the blurb that came with the antler piece it contains minerals and calcium… All I know is that it is clean and she will sit for hours just chewing and wagging her tail.

This is from the daily prompt – Simply Irresistible 


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