Believe in yourself

I am bad with self-doubt… Everyday I can question what I am doing and if it is right. It is my black voice and when I hear it I imagine a warped creature all twisted and spindly with a mutation of my own face. This is my doubt and at the worst times its loud voice can cut through all the others and make me feel smaller than a particle of dirt.

Because the business is in a state of flux and everything is changing, my doubt has a loud voice. I don’t like change and at the moment everything is changing. I have other voices that advise me but they are small. The problem is that it is those voices I ought to listen to. The confidence voice – the one that tells me I know what I am doing and not to worry, everything will turn out fine, that is the quietest of them all.

But have you ever seen an un-confident writer? Truly? The answer has to be no. Because if you aren’t confident then you never get your work out. If you don’t believe in yourself you never push the boundary because you are too afraid. The advise my small voice says to me is – try, what is the worst that can happen? The worst is that no one will like my writing.

I have submitted 30 pieces since this time last year. Nine are published or going to be published. But if I hadn’t submitted the 30 I would never have got the 9 in print. So I try to ignore that loud voice of doubt and instead listen to the small confident voice.

Lately I’ve noticed something as well, the confident voice is getting louder and the doubt quieter. It is getting easier to submit work and easier to shrug and say – that piece wasn’t for them when I get a rejection letter. It isn’t that it is bad writing, just that it wasn’t right. So try. Go on…

What have you got to lose and you never know it might work. 🙂

This is from the Daily Prompt – I Have Confidence in Me

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