Day 23 of Nanowrimo

Word Count – 15600

Status – resigned

Plan – Well, as you can guess I am not going to make the word count for the end of the month, but the book is planned out and it will be finished by the end of February. Hopefully, the edit will then take another month and after that ‘A Terrible Beauty’ will be heading out to a series of publishers. Not to worry though, because by November next year if it isn’t published or showing signs of being, I will indie publish it. So everyone will be able to read it.

I am still going to continue with the story for nanowrimo but it was a big ask as I am trying to write the critical essay for my dissertation at the same time. Next year I should do it because the masters will be over (and I will have a certificate hanging in the bathroom).

Mind you, despite not looking like I’m going to be successful I am enjoying every minute of it. Now back to the story…

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