The trouble I have is – what is play and what is work?

I am having to close the soft toy business… My eyes can only be fixed to certain extent so they are prone to getting tired and strained, which is a trigger for my migraines. Had to be really – I am not having the best luck this year. But then it is 2013 and I shouldn’t be surprised.

So, anyway, the business will be closed as of the 1st of February 2014, and I have enough money to exist for a couple of months after that. Then…?

Well, my playtime has got to make ends meet. Basically I am going to have to support myself with the writing. That can be through getting my own stuff published, entering competitions and self-publishing, or ghost-writing and taking on jobs that require writers with my varied skills. It is amazing how man people are looking for writers with an archaeological/evolutionary biology background.

I am also thinking about an idea for a non-fiction book. But every time I still down to write I think – this is playtime. I just can’t think of the writing as work. So I find that I feel guilty when I write… But I need to write so that when February comes around I am not starting from scratch with ideas and books. What would be great is if I was editing in February rather than trying to write something, because in the back of my mind there will be a little voice saying – this must get published….

Which of course, makes me nervous and affects the writing. But unless I can get over the guilty feeling I’m going to be in the same boat. So I am going to try to train myself to see the writing as a job. But one that I fully intend to keep feeling as playtime! 🙂

This is from the daily prompt – Playtime.

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