Short Stories

The Time-Travelling Hippie

Cadet sneezed and tried to clear the musty smell of straw from his nose. Straw? That was a new. Where had he been and more importantly where was he? Cadet tried to open his eyes and immediately slammed them shut. The light seemed to seek out the tender parts f his brain and stab them until his whole head throbbed. He remembered Big Jim saying that there was a party but after that everything was a bit hazy. Cadet had been at a rave when Jim had stepped over to him. He pushed his face close and screamed at him that there was a party.

“And we’re going,” he had screamed. Really Big Jim looked more like he ought to have been a lumberjack rather than a raver, but he did know how to pick the best parties. Which is why Cadet had just nodded and followed him out of the warehouse that was the make-shift nightclub.

At the time Cadet had thought he moved with grace and confidence but thinking back the thought it was more likely he had staggered after his giant friend in a drunken stupor. But if Big Jim was going to a party it would guarantee lots of ladies and some first class weed.

Lying in the straw Cadet remembered climbing into Jim’s beat up morris. Why anyone over six-foot would drive such a tiny car was beyond him, but it was Jim’s choice.

“Man you need a new car,” Cadet said.

“No way. This is a classic,” Jim said with a scowl.

“No worries,” Cadet said, not wanting to annoy Jim.

Cadet had reached for the winding handle to pull down the window.

“Doesn’t work,” Jim said.

Cadet sat lower in his seat wishing that Jim washed a little more. Watching the landscape streak past he frowned. “Where we going?”

“Parties at a farm-house,” Jim said nodding in the direction they were driving. But that was the last he could remember. He did see a sign saying ‘Welcome to Wales’ but that was it. The rest of his memory was just a grey blur.

As Cadet lay in the hay he wondered at the reason behind the party. “Why am I here?”

Next to him a voice answered. “They asked for you.”

“Asked for me?”

“Yeah, they were real specific as well.”

Squinting open an eye he looked for the owner of the voice. There lay, in the same position as himself, Jim. “You okay man?”

Jim opened one eye, it was bloodshot. “Yeah. That was some party.”

“Yeah,” Cadet said, but he had no idea what type of party it had been.

“You remember the priestesses…”


Jim suddenly sat up. “I knew you wouldn’t remember.”

“It’s coming back…”

“No way man, you are clueless,” Jim said with a laugh.

“I know what happened!” Cadet said angrily.

“Really then why are you wearing that?”

Cadet looked down and realised that he was dressed in doublet and hose. What the? Getting up he stumbled and slid down the hay bale, Jim’s laughter following him. Opening one of the massive doors he stood in awe.

Before him was a scene that could only be described at medieval. There were no cars or roads or light or pillions or… Everything was different.

“Where am I?”

“Not where,” Jim said. “When…” And he laughed once again. A man across the dirt track from them stopped and watched with an open mouth. He crossed himself and rushed after the cart that hadn’t stopped, the two oxen had just continued to pull it.

Cadet blinked and walked back into the barn. Struggling he tried to climb the bale.

“What you doing?” Jim asked.

“Bad dream. I’m going to sleep and wake up in my time.”

“Won’t do no good,” Jim said.

Cadet ignored him.

*      *      *      *      *

This is the beginning of a young adult novel that come to me from the Daily Prompt – A Bird, A Plane, You!

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