10 thoughts on “Day 5 of Nanowrimo

      1. Oh yes! Feel so bad since it’s only day 5 and I’ve not written anything! Luckily I’m a bit ahead of the official headcount so it’s not so bad but it can’t happen again!

      2. You’re lucky – I was behind bu 1.5k words… so that makes 3k behind, so tomorrow I’ve got the write 4.5k. :O Not sure I’ll get there… Still I shall try!

  1. 500 extra words until you catch up definitely sounds better. You never know; you could hit a spurt and suddenly coast through an extra thousand. Like Dori said, “Just keep swimming.”

  2. As long as I stay within about 5000 words of the target, I’m not too worried. Like K.P. DuBowik says, you could hit a spurt any time. If life gets in the way, perhaps make your characters have the same thing get in the way of theirs – you’re writing from fresh experience then!

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