Research and Google

As I write I find there are gaps in my knowledge. My Nanowrimo book is about a serial killer, a female serial killer. And although a lot of the stuff she does is normal and everyday, there are things I don’t know about.

Take the one that has been bothering me – her mo. Every killer has one and because she doesn’t pick a type of person my killer, Ash, has a favourite weapon.  It had to be something small yet lethal and quick to use. Some of her murders are spur of the moment and she needs to be able to kill and then move fast. She also likes to be up close and personal, so I thought a knife.

But not a butcher knife or any bulky thing, maybe a switch blade. So I Googled it and found the stiletto blade. This weapon dates back to the medieval era and is small and can be conveniently hidden in a back pocket or handbag. This is her blade.

They can really be quite beautiful. The one below is American but you can get them in Britain which is where my killer is based. And they are easily found in farming areas. They are used to cut bailing twine and rope around farms and smallholdings. So it would be a weapon that she would have access to. So Google gave me my killer weapon and as a result her character changed slightly. She became more female and more intense. I’m not sure I would want to be her friend but I do know her a little better, and all because of a knife.

By the way hers is a green marbled handled stiletto with a blade that has a mirror finish.

This is a post from the daily prompt.

This is an update on my book I am writing for Nanowrimo – A Terrible Beauty – and has no reference to real life events or people…

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