Fright Night

Fright Night

I love scary stories. I love reading them and I love writing them. To try to elicit a response from the reader which is so extreme they can drop the book. Now, that would be fantastic. But in reality when does this happen?

There are a couple of movies that make me jump; my first viewing of scream and the tooth scene in Jaws, but a book… That is trickier. I have read a huge number of Stephen King, James Herbert and Dean Koontz but there is still only one book I have become so frightened that I couldn’t finish it.

To be honest I still haven’t. It fills me with dread so that I can’t sleep. I just lie there rigid under the bed-clothes, knowing that if I move everything will fall apart…

“The haunting of Toby Jugg” by Denise Wheatley

This book is written in a diary format from the point of view of a world war II soldier who, after being wounded, is confined to a wheelchair.

It is terrifying.

It isn’t the easiest of reads and is quite dated but if you want to usher in Halloween this year by quivering in a corner clutching a blanket to your chest and second guessing shadows, then this is for you!

I will finish it… one summer… in the daylight… with the sun on my back… one day…

Honest 🙂

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