Eye of the Beholder

I have seen a lot of art and my life is spent working in a shed that I gallantly call a workshop, listening to music. So finding one that stands out is difficult. There are two… one art and one music. Both may not be everyone’s idea of beautiful but to me they are the best and the music will make me stop and just listen. Eye of the Beholder is part of the Daily prompt and you can see what others are up to here.


It has got to be ‘Rains Down in Africa’ by Toto. I don’t know why this piece gets me, but I feel like I am in the front room of my family. You see my dad and his family were born in Africa and this song reminds me of the stories and the photos. I am suddenly eight again and staring up at my grandmother and listening to every word she spoke. It is just a song that makes me remember good times, hot curries and family.


Little Dancer Aged Fourteen 1880-1, cast circa 1922 by Edgar Degas 1834-1917
Click here to go the Tate’s page on the sculpture.

I have been to the Tate in London a number of times but the one that I sat and stared at has to be the sculpture by Degas – “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen”. She is beautiful and whimsical and just mesmerizing.

I have sat for hours and just watched her. I wonder what she is thinking, what her aspirations are and whether the person who she is achieved them.  She is the little girl in my stories, just setting out to do something scary and daring. She is my inspiration for many of the characters I write about. It is her expectation I want to capture.

I sometimes wonder what she was going to dance to and where, but I have never done the research to find out. I think it would spoil it. She is Degas’ dancer and I take her at face value allowing my own imagination to tell her story.


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