Learning to walk

Learning to Walk

The Story

Sasha had only signed up in order to get trained. A university degree without the cost, except the cost had been far larger than Sasha had ever imagined. The morning of her graduation she awoke and hauled herself out of bed. Just like any other person she went into the bathroom and started to have a wash. Unlike others she had to cope with flash backs and anxiety.

Only a year ago Sasha was working as a medic on the front-line. She wasn’t supposed to be close to the action but that day the action had come to her. Now she is trying to cope with her life, getting her degree and learning to walk. She wants to walk to her graduation and receive her document. She is determined to do it.


Sasha is a medic training to be a doctor but she is also learning to walk after the war came to her whilst out on maneuvers, and she is now determined to walk in her graduation parade.

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