The Clothes (May) make the Woman (Writer)

The clothes may make the woman writer…

I have been thinking about all the readings I’ve been to and what people were wearing. It is strange because I have seen some incredibly stylish people and some that have been wearing what looked like large house-coats. Yet in every instance you could pick out from the entourage who was the writer.

So was it the clothes? There is the satin Chinese dress – beautiful, – or the tailored suit, or the flowing gypsy skirt, or the brown shapeless jumper. None are linked except they are clothes and yet the people can be seen as writers. I must admit most of the readings I have been to have mainly been populated with students with the usual jeans and t-shirt. Maybe it is just that they stand out… But do writers have a certain sense of style?

This is where I start to think about myself. I have done a couple of readings and I wonder if it was noticeable that I was a writer. That is until the other day when I saw myself in a shop window. The woman reflected back was undeniably me but… different. Firstly I have had my hair cut into layers… you could say a mullet but it is more modern than that. And because I don’t pay any attention to my appearance I tend to have ‘big’ hair, especially with the curl in it. Then the jeans. No ordinary blue for me but teal, and electric blue and a number of other colours. And finally the jumper.

I didn’t realise how colourful my jumpers had become but they are. You see I love to knit so if I see a pattern I like, from fairisle to heavily cabled, well I make it. So I have a huge selection of wonderfully coloured and textured jumpers.

The result is that I have a style and I would like to hope that I am obviously a creative of some sort. So do clothes make the writer? No, I think the writer makes the clothes. 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Clothes (May) make the Woman (Writer)

  1. Clothes certainly make a lecturer… one of my first lecturing jobs involved teaching a class of 250 first year undergraduates. The first lecture was on the morning of a day I had to take a field trip out in the afternoon. Not wanting to change clothes, I arrived in jeans and a jumper. I stood at the front of the lecture theatre and was totally ignored! Fortunately, on a cord round my neck, I had my hand lens and a whistle (very useful in the field). I blew the whistle, achieved silence and then got a round of applause. It all worked out ok, but these days if I have to teach a large group, I always dress the part!

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