Masters tales

Dylan Thomas Boathouse

Today was the first day of the masters and we all went to the Dylan Thomas Boathouse to meet and have a poetry reading. It helped that it was also National Poetry Day… Something I should have known about but didn’t.

boat houseIf you don’t know the Boathouse it is in Laugharne in Wales and is only an hour and a half from where I live. It is where Dylan Thomas lived and where he wrote, and it is a beautiful setting. As a student I knew about the house and had visited it during the Laugharne Writing Festival where I saw a number of poets and prose being read. Fantastic festival if you can make it.

Today we were basically doing a meet and greet, and it was great to see everyone. Being in my second year and only having the dissertation to write I could have felt isolated but today I met a the new MA students and two Phd’s. And I feel part of the university still.

There was also a reading by Bethany Pope… She is a poet and author and If you can get hold of her work then do it. Most of her poetry is either autobiographical or based on her family and it is a wonderful and heart breaking story. The two books – A Radiance and Crown of Thorns are fantastic. You can see some of her poetry here for free…

So today has been tiring and brilliant. I am going to eat and then sleep. 🙂

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