A Fortunate Dilemma

This is a prompt from Write so Fluid and you can see her site here.

A Fortunate Dilemma

Pamela is a psychic and one morning she wakes with a vision. She has a choice. She can either miss breakfast or have it. Having breakfast will make her late for a meeting, so late that the other person will leave. The man won’t contact her again but their lives will cross.

If she misses breakfast then she will meet him and he will drag her through a world of murdered children and fear. She is destined to meet this man and the outcome will be the same but can she risk her mind by helping him.

The logline

Pam stares at a breakfast bowl knowing that the decision will lead to either an easy life or one fraught with murders and fear. Pushing her bowl away she rises knowing that she will always chose the road less traveled even if it will be a bumpy ride.

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