Daily Prompt – Standstill

SheepIf I could make one moment from today standstill? It would have to be the point where the sheep were all in the barn. For that split second we could have closed the gate and then treated them and it would be all done with.

Except in that split second the skittish ring leader reared and spun, charging out of the shelter and running up the slope. Leaving me and my dad standing at the bottom making the air blue with bad language.

The result is that we will try again later, after they have settled…



Just looked in the field and there they are, all stood in the shelter looking out like a bunch of soppy sheep. Try to go in though and at the first creak of the gate – out they dash, up the slope and away.

We will try bribery later. They will do anything for food – I hope.


15 thoughts on “Standstill

  1. Lmao. Love the pic “I only look sheepish” He says, with a grin. “Behind all this sheepishness, I’m rather smarter than you.”

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