The Gold Watch

The Gold Watch

The Beginning of the Story

The sunshine yellow of the crane echos the sun in the perfect summer day. An old man stands off to one side, leaning against a fence. At his feet sits a golden spaniel, eyes glued on the men despite the creaking from the monstrosity in front of them. A man in a dark suit breaks away from a small huddle of police and white dressed CSI officers. He walks over and stops in front of the man, blocking his view. The old man doesn’t move but instead just changes focus.

“The dog bought it to you?” the DI says.

“Yeah, had the fright of my life. I mean I was in the war and I know what a man looks like on the inside but still to see it in your lap,” he pauses. “Good dog though. That caravan has been there for years. If he hadn’t found it I wouldn’t have.”

“When did the caravan arrive?”

“1940s. One morning me Da came home and said there were a bunch of gipos camping here. He got his mates round and run them off, but that stayed. The wheels were flat. Used it as a chicken house for years.”

“It was not moved?”

“No, no point,” the old man bent and patted the head of the dog. “You gonna take it?”

“Yes, and this field will have to be restricted to police only.”

The old man nods. “No problem, although the dog might get through the fence.”

“Can you chain him up?”

“For today, after that he goes loose.”

The DI sighs but just writes in his notebook. “Thank you, Mr Wynter.”

The old man nods and watches the police man go back to the site. He looks at the dog. “Stirred up a hornets nest you have.” Shaking his head he makes his slow way back to a farmhouse in the woodland behind. It is the only house that can be seen for miles.

At the site the DI kneels next to a partially covered body. The caravan swings above his head, but he ignores the cries for him to move. Instead his gaze is fixed on a skeletal hand and arm, and the gold watch that still sits on the arm. It’s face cracked and the ornate strap covered in mud, a woman’s watch.

The Logline:

When the Wynter caravan reveals its secrets a woman must be traced from nothing more than a gold watch and cheap clothes. But the corruption goes further as DI Doyle Bane is warned off by superiors, his refusal putting his job and life at risk.

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